The inflow of ETH to the etherium 2.0 deposit contract has significantly slowed down


After the launch of the Air 2.0 deposit contract, users transferred only 11% of the airtime required to launch the network.

„At the moment, the only stacking option is the launch of the proprietary node of etherium 2.0. It’s a lot easier than installing mining equipment, but it still scares ordinary users a little,“ said Lito Cohen, founder of CryptoTesters, in a comment for Decrypt.

After several large deposits, the flow of ETH has Bitcoin Revolution software slowed down. According to Dune Analytics, only 276 participants contributed about 58,000 ETH (~$27 million).

To launch ETH 2.0, 524,288 ETHs are needed, divided between 16,384 ETHs.

Air 2.0 developer Justin Drake conducted a survey on Twitter, according to which 50% of 3,600 respondents do not intend to transfer airtime to a deposit contract.

The main problem is quite a large amount of money that is needed for stacking (32 ETH, equivalent to $14,700 at the time of publication). In addition, the funds will be blocked for a fairly long time and it will not be possible to withdraw the airwaves back to the PoW network during the first phases of the launch.